About Me

Jaime Rotner, MS, CLC, CHC, CTC, CMC

I was born and raised in California and I moved to Colorado with my husband in 2004. We have two sons and absolutely love Colorado and have no plans of leaving this amazing state!

Before leaving California, I received my Associates in Early Childhood Education and a Bachelor of Arts in Child Development in 2002.  I worked as an early childhood educator with children ranging from 2-5 years.  I also worked with homeless families and their children through a rehabilitation program to get them back on their feet.  In 2007 I earned my M.S. in Family and Developmental Studies. I worked with various non-profit organizations that served at risk children and youth for a few years.  I also led multiple parent education courses. 

In 2008, I received an unexpected opportunity to teach at the University level.  This led to a full time position as a teaching faculty in Human Development and Family Studies, which I am still very much a part of today. 

However, starting eight years ago I began to experience significant deterioration in my health.  This led to years of inaccurate, vague and misdiagnoses on my quest to figure out what was going on.  I was gutted, scared, and depressed.  After a few years of feeling awful and having no answers, I decided to take my life and health into my own hands. Through work with a naturopath, physical therapist, acupuncturist and an energy healer I was able to get my health and life back. I also had to do the deep inner work to discover that one of the main underlying causes of my health issues was putting myself last. As a Mom and person I always put others first, rarely asked for help and put standards of perfection on myself. After years of this pattern my health and happiness suffererred. I am now grateful for the wake up call that my body gave me. Now I can now say I am more vibrant and healthy than I have ever been! 

Throughout my health journey I became fascinated with all of the different healing modalities that exist in this world. I realized during this time, that I wanted to be able to be of service and be a light for others to help them rediscover optimal health and happiness, especially you Moms out there! In remaining open I discovered the world of coaching! A month later I started a dual certification program to become a health and life coach which I have since completed.  

This year I completed my Institute’s Mastery Coaching Program. I am now also certified as a Mastery and Transformational Coach. I feel honored to be in this field and it is even more gratifying than I thought. It’s amazing to be working with women and help them get their health, energy and joy back. I have also been a client of this work and have grown tremendously as a person! I hope to hear from you soon and to be a part of your amazing journey.

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